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June 25, 2021 Behind the scenes

Visit our Veneer Factory

20 years of experience guarantees uncompromising quality. This, combined with outstandingly skilled craftsmen and advanced machine park allows to create top-of-the-line products, appreciated by thousands of happy customers! Let's go on tour through our Veneer Factory and get to know our production process, step by step.

What in fact is veneer?
A thin layer of decorative wood, produced in a form of 250 cm long and 20 cm wide sheets.

A bit of number crunching

>20 years of experience within the field

184 of employees - 53 women, 131 men

11 026 m² total area of the factory

Meet the production process, step by step.

1. Veneer selection and cutting
Each piece of veneer is checked manually (defected pieces are removed) and cut to a desired length.

2. Veneer sheets combining and glueing
Several pieces of veneer are combined together and glued on MDF board using a press machine.

3. Board cutting and drilling
Large MDF boards covered with veneer sheets are cut to a desired format and drilled whenever needed, using advanced CNC-machinery.

4. Polishing and lacquering
Every part of each board is being pre-polished and put through a 20 meters-long lacquering and UV-hardening line. Next, the polishing and lacquering process is being repeated one more time.

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5. To be continued
All components are being carefully packed and delivered to our warehouse, where they are processed further to form final, ready to ship products.

Components being produced here:

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