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Now reading: Color Crush - beige

July 08, 2021 Inspirations

Color Crush - beige

Time for a statement: we are strongly convinced that playing with colors is the most satisfying part of arranging the space around us. Searching for the right hue is never futile, even though it sometimes turns into a lengthy process of trial and error. But once you get into the universe of color combinations, you’ll be astonished with their abilities of enhancing designs, harmonizing with the light and influencing the overall atmosphere. Get inspired and have a Color Crush! Today, let’s talk beige.

Our first thoughts about beige? It’s soothing, mild and lukewarm. It brings relaxation to the tired eyes. Its perfectly neutral nature makes it an absolute all-rounder, seamlessly blending with the earth tones and organic forms, as well as making a good background for whimsical, contrasting decorations. Beige does good in spaces of rest, softening all the sharp edges. It creates a homey ambience of quietening and tranquility.

At one with nature

The warmth of beige very much resembles the tones in the natural world: the inside of a fallen tree trunk, the surface of pebbles on the shore or the meadow of sun-dried wild grass. That’s why all the materials of natural origin go well with beige. Try it out in combination with all kinds of timber or stone to set up the faultless, yet truly cozy atmosphere.

Apart from the color harmonies, beige has the power to bring out the tactility of the surfaces in the room. Try to grace your interior with some eye-catching items of nature-inspired form. The rough textures of linen textiles, mildly tubby shapes of Folk Poufs in Cream Beige and wabi-sabi clayware will strengthen the aesthetic appeal of any natural style interior.

Calmness comes in many shades

When it comes to mixing hues, with beige there are no rights or wrongs. It fuses well with other warm tones, as well as with greys and blues. Beige and brown, always a go-to couple, creates an impression of classic elegance, without jarring notes. Burnt, muted tones, such as saffron and ochre will add some unique character to those snug designs.

Pairing warm beige with cold grey will provide an interesting effect of two contrasting hues of the same intensity. For those who prefer all-neutral color palettes, beige and white will always be a safe choice. If the café-au-lait surroundings seem too meek, try to introduce some darker accents, such as black or navy blue. The Suumo Sideboard in Midnight Blue will instantly become a forte of any neutral style home.

Leaf, laugh, love

How could we forget about green? A beige interior garnished with lots of plants is never a bore! What’s more, there’s nothing more nature-inspired than a potted plant. Our Maki Plant Pots don’t need any additional surface to be placed on, so you can effortlessly add some leafy vibes to your room in no time.

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