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Sustainability isn’t enough


At, we prioritize sustainable growth by sourcing high-quality materials only from European suppliers and producing every single item, from throws to sideboards, locally in Poland.

We monitor our production process, while being transparent about our pricing policy, and corporate social responsibility. Our materials are environmentally friendly and of high quality, such as FSC-certified veneer, water-based paints, or recycled steel. We ship our furniture using eco-friendly packaging and offer flat-pack delivery, reducing our carbon footprint by two-thirds.

Produced locally in Poland

Europe only supply chain

Plastic-free eco shipping

Full corporate transparency

Local Production

We maintain only local production chain, reducing our carbon footprint generated during transportation. We pay great attention to the manufacturing conditions - we often visit the factories, observe, and implement changes to the production processes.

Materials Matter

Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our honest materials, which are sourced and processed responsibly with waste minimization in mind, ensuring that our products are both environmentally friendly and of the highest quality.

  • FSC-certified veneer

  • Water-based paints

  • Harmless, certified fabrics

  • Plastic-free packaging

  • Europe only supply chain

Eco-friendly Shipping

Our furniture is shipped in a way that reduces our carbon footprint by two-thirds, thanks to the use of eco-friendly packaging and flat-pack delivery. This not only reduces waste and saves space, but also allows us to recover undamaged parts and reuse returned parcels to make the process even more environmentally friendly.

Forever Forest Initiative

As a company, we recognize the impact our activities have on the planet, and we are determined to make a positive difference. In order to help combat deforestation and promote reforestation efforts, we plant a forest once a year as part of our Forever Forest Initiative.


We believe that running a new-generation brand calls for forthcoming communication. That’s why we provide full access to our pricing policy, production processes, and corporate social responsibility.

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