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Now reading: No more paper manuals!

March 25, 2021 News

No more paper manuals!

We’re not much for extensive, difficult to understand paper manuals. That’s why we’ve eliminated them in favor of easily understandable, fun-looking and effortlessly accessible animated ones, always at hand.

First things first

We take environmental issues very seriously. This is why our products are always delivered flat-packed (and plastic-free!) as multiple, easy to carry packages. It reduces our carbon footprint to the minimum and it allows our carriers to bring your furniture directly to your doors, not only to your building's entrance! Once your product is safely delivered, get ready to assembly it. Look for box no 1 and open our Beginning Kit which consists of a QR code to the animated manual, care guide and more. All set? Scan the code and you’re ready to go!

Easy-peasy steps

Good news is that our furniture is preassembled which means that all the pieces are ready to use. Our step-by-step assembly guide demonstrates how to connect these pieces using smart connectors, placed in all the components. It's filled with detailed close-ups that prevent you from making mistakes. And don't worry - no more huge bags of screws impossible to identify! The whole process is really easy and does not require any special tools.

You could feel while unpacking what an effort was put into the product, design, materials. The booklet with QR code manual is top notch!

Mario, Austria

Why is it so cool?

No more frustration

Our animated manuals are always easy to understand, and all steps are simply clear. Assembly is just pure fun!

Easy disassembly

Frequent mover? With our online manuals you can easily assemble and disassemble your furniture anytime!

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