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Now reading: Less is more by Hali Mason

March 11, 2021 People

Less is more by Hali Mason

Resolutely pursuing your passion can bring a valuable outcome! Meet Hali Mason, who used to work in the legal sector, but dared herself to leave it in order to focus on exploring her passions and became an interior product stylist based in Manchester. She believes a pared-back home declutters the mind - this is why she feels the most calm and at peace in minimal surroundings.

Get inspired by Hali's incredibly minimal stylings using our HO Trolley and read the story about her favorite styles. Get some of the tricks of the trade and use them at your own home!

I would describe my interior style as clean, minimal and considered. I try to take time when selecting items for my home to ensure that not only do I really love the design of the object, but I also consider the functionality of pieces. As well as function, I try to select objects that can work cohesively with the other surrounding objects in my home.

Some people may see minimalism as an easier design option, but the temptation to add more accessories and decoration is one that takes some restraint and consideration to avoid. I must admit it is not easy to keep my home minimal, so I’m always looking for clever storage and different ways to display my favourite accessories, books and magazines, whilst trying to maintain my minimalistic home and aesthetics.

I’m always on the lookout for stylish functional furniture pieces – HO Trolley is exactly that! Not only can I store and display some of my current favourite reads, I also use the trolley as a stylish coffee/side table that is placed beside my sofa. The best part is that the trolley sits on wheels which means that I can move it around to various parts of my home to suit my needs.

I have styled the trolley in various ways and I think you could agree that it is a truly versatile piece of furniture. The design is clever and effortlessly stylish, the unique shape adds subtle textures and angles, I especially love the softness of the curved edges. The muted Piazza Beige colour is beautifully warm, soft and neutral and fits very well with my aesthetic, complimenting every corner I place it in.

Its beautifully warm, soft and neutral color fits very well with my aesthetic, complimenting every corner I place it in.

Hali Mason, Interiors Product Stylist

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