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Now reading: Visit the former notary's house from 19th century: Villa Georges

August 02, 2021 Places

Visit the former notary's house from 19th century: Villa Georges

At the gates of the Belgian Ardennes, 90 minutes from Brussels, a 19th century building has been transformed by interior designer Amélie Jacob. With its vintage-inspired furniture and contemporary pieces, the Villa Georges immediately plunges us into the past. A former notary's house is steeped in history and imprinted with the minimalist style of the 50s and 60s. It is located in the city center, just a stone's throw from the local restaurants, bars and shops. The renovation of the 350-square-meter villa was a real challenge for the two young friends from Rochefort. With a real pleasure and enthusiasm Renaud Rousselet tells us what brought him to this little corner of Belgium. 

A head full of ideas, the audacity to break the codes of the region and the desire to create a unique place together with my childhood friend, the interior designer Amélie Jacob.

Renaud Rousselet, Owner

Comfort, modernity and authenticity

Decoration works which lasted one year and six months was what it took to make the building to reflect their image and impose their style. Their desire? To create a place for families and friends who want to meet in unusual settings. The thoroughly planned renovation works allowed them to combine comfort, modernity and respect for the authenticity of the villa. The body of the building is identical to what it used to be and the colors inside are all carefully selected.

The owners emptied the villa completely, but did not touch its walls. They wanted to retain the soul of the house. Their goals was to decorate the Villa Georges so that the original materials would blend with unique furniture such as Eton Bed.

Eton Bed from is an ideal match between modernity and comfort. It perfectly suits the master bedroom of the Villa Georges. Our guests instantly fall in love in it.

Amélie & Renaud, Owners

Sweet escape

In the boudoir lounge, the owners found a completely restored original pink velvet sofa and armchairs, XXL floral wallpaper and crystal glassware. From powder pink to ebony black through forest green, each of the four rooms reveals its own identity and invites well-being and relaxation. With its daring, but well balanced decor, the Villa Georges leaves room for escape, for a night, a weekend, or more if there is affinity.

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