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Now reading: Versatility is key by Ida Thun

May 20, 2020 People

Versatility is key by Ida Thun

Meet Ida Thun - a 28-year-old photographer originally from Sweden, but now living in a green & rainy Dublin. The combination of interests in both interior design & photography resulted in a sensual home with lots of exceptional designs, beautifully captured by her sensitive & observant eye.

Her Instagram @bythun is filled with soft, pastel beige aesthetics, which will certainly inspire you - not only to perform visual changes in your interior, but also to encourage you to carefully celebrate every moment at home.

We’re over the moon that our Folk poufs appeared in her interior and even more thrilled that she shared how variously she uses & styles them in different parts of her apartment. Watch those beautiful shots and read a couple of short tips & ideas.

Idea 1: Bedside table

Don’t be afraid to mix things up - I like to keep a simple base with the soft white and beige decor, and then place a few darker pieces to add some contrast. The dark grey wool has a beautiful texture that makes it a great addition to the white and beige. By adding different textures you’re giving the minimalistic space some warmth and coziness while still keeping it to a minimum.

I liked the idea of using the pouf as a bedside table, it will be perfect when we’re having guests staying over and they’re using our inflatable bed. Now they can also enjoy a cup of coffee in bed in the morning (and it makes the little corner look like an actual bedroom).

Idea 2: An extra seat for your dining table

While living in a small space I’m always looking for ways to keep it light and airy - but it still needs to be functional. The Folk pouf tall is perfect for our home since its so versatile, a stylish and great extra seating when having guests over. When we’re not using it as a stool, we’re using it in the old traditional way ;)

I’m always looking for ways to keep it light and airy - but it still needs to be functional.

Ida Thun

Idea 3: The traditional way

What living room doesn’t need a footstool? If it’s not clear by now I have a thing for neutrals - and it’s the theme for the whole apartment. I liked the pairing of the dark grey wool with the beige structured fabric, they were the perfect fit for our living room and gives the room that final touch that was needed.

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