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Now reading: Declutter your head, by Emma Hopkinson

December 31, 2021 People

Declutter your head, by Emma Hopkinson

Designing a home space for your headspace? It's a thing! At least, that's how Emma Hopkinson goes about creating her world. Emma is an author, brand voice consultant and Insta-person, with a love of all things calm and a penchant for beige. Check out our Bau Sideboard in her London home and find out why it was the perfect piece for this calm space.

My name’s Emma and I’m an introvert. A big one. So my home in busy East London is my sanctuary and my safe space - the place I go to recharge after a long day of people-ing. I rent this place with my partner Matt, who mercifully lets me do whatever the heck I like, decor-wise, and that for me means lots of calming colours, soothing textures and always one eye on the function of everything.

I made myself a promise when we left our one-bed flat for this four-bed house, that I would only bring in things that filled my whole heart with joy, which means it’s taken me a long time to get anything resembling a finished space. But when those spaces are finished - if there is such a thing - they’re filled with thoughtfully-designed pieces I know I’ll have for years and years and years, and there’s ultimate satisfaction in that.

In a world where home decor seems to change every season, knowing I have a piece that’s been designed to last a lifetime means everything.

Emma Hopkinson, author

Because I have a brain that won’t shut up most of the time, my spaces are all designed around chilling out, and a big part of that is having all our stuff put away. Nothing is guaranteed to ruin my relaxation quite like having papers and general detritus strewn about the place, so I’m always reeeeal big on storage, and the Bau sideboard answered pretty much all of my cupboard-related prayers. It’s big - big enough to store all our books, cameras, games and gubbins* - and that sleek, minimal design is borderline sensual.

I love that it looks good, sure, but what really gets me going is the fact that it’s all those things and comes from a brand who are so focused on transparency and accountability through their production process. In a world where home decor seems to change every season, knowing I have a piece that’s been designed to last a lifetime means everything, and I just know that this simple, elegant sideboard is going to be the perfect partner to my style as it changes and grows.”

* gubbins - this is a silly slang word for stuff that your Grandma might use.

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