A 19th century building with a touch of electric blue - noo.ma
05 Jul, 2022 Places

A 19th century building with a touch of electric blue

Located in Angoulême, France, Brudey Sneakers Family is the first in the city concept store of its kind. Dedicated entirely to the world of sneakers, the shop offers a unique selection of shoes: both limited editions and exclusive models.

Here, futuristic minimalism with its curved lines and rounded shapes is smoothly combined with a beautiful 19th century architecture of the building, while the vivid electric blue is the theme of the entire space.

The person who stands behind this astonishing project is an interior designer Étienne Richon from Détail Studio. His biggest challenge was to create a unique place that insinuated the feeling of being in space, but at the same time emphasized the shoe collection in the best possible way.

In this contemporary universe, Folk poufs from noo.ma with their curved lines and rounded shapes create a strong contrast. Combined with them are Ande side tables which formed a spacious and modular seating in the center of the room.

Étienne Richon, Détail Studio


Investor: Brudey Sneakers Family
Interior Designer: Étienne Richon, Detail Studio
Photos: Julien Chamoux